Q: What is StonerTok?

A: StonerTok Media Group is a Counter Culture Marketing Agency and SAAS Provider. We create SAAS Style Products and Services to help Small and Micro Brands and larger tap into the Cannabis and Counter Culture Industries.

Q: What is a SAAS provider?

A: SAAS or System as a Service is a business model based on Subscription Payments. We create Products and Services that can be paid for Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Annually, or Per Event.

Q: What types of SAAS Services or Products do you have(Updated 1-1-23)

A: Marketplace(Beta) – MultiVendor Marketplace with a 5% fee when items sell and caters to all

A: Community(Beta) – Community App that allows Cannabis and other tasteful content without fear of account takedowns and other battles.

A: MasterClass(2023/2024) – Brands who subscribe to our Community as a Brand Account to unlock special features will help us creat a paid masterclass program that allows us to help creators become brands and influencers. We show them how to become LLCs, license locally, find resources as a business, and more. We then start to integrate them into our brand network and work with brands. The content they create is paid as well as they receive a stipend just for being part of the program and working through the steps. These classes will be curated by the more experienced creators we hope to attract in the future. The stipend increases as do the post payments and other opportunities as they work through the program. Giving them a stepping stone to make content creation in counterculture media a real thing. We hope to have at least a 2 to 3-year program curated closer to the launch of that program in 2023/2024.

A: Streaming(Alpha) – Live and VOD Streaming Services

A: Event Ticketing(Alpha) – Offering Event and PDF Ticketing Services for Counter Culture Events

Q: Where are you located?

A: Our HQ is currently based in Las Cruces New Mexico

Q: As an Artist at an Event, do I get paid?

A: You can, Yes. There are factors that attribute to that. We are not just going to pay you without seeing what you can bring to the table. We offer opportunities to all our artists to sell passes/tickets to the events we host. Our events though are Marketing Events. Marketing is our business.

What we don’t do is charge you to Play. It boils down to years of working in the industry and seeing promoters walked over by talent who promise big and charge crazy fees but provide nothing when it comes to and the lead-up to event day.

Artists at our PotStock Music Festival make $25 per pass they sell. The more you sell the higher up the roster you get placed and invited back to paid performances at future events.

Q: Why a No Refund Policy

A: It is our policy to not issue refunds in any case unless it is an act of a Higher Power or God. If you are shopping in our Marketplace, it is per store if refunds or exchanges are applicable. All contracts state this and are binding upon acceptance.

Q: Where can I get that dope hoodie?

A: If you are referring to the green hoodie you see our CEO wearing in content, find them in other colors and some other related products here.