NFTs are all the craze and with the recent Etherium merger, its even greener to shop with Etherium. Now you can become a member and gain RockStar Status!

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Camping, Activities with an Add-On Fee and any third-party events with a discounted rate we are not directly hosting but have gained access for our Members are the responsibility of the member to cover any additional cost. We are not responsible for loss or damages in association with being a member of our NFT Event Membership Program. The price of Ethereum is dropping but will soon level and we have set the floor at 1 Eth. 420 Total NFTs with 75 being reserved for our Kickstarter Founders, and an additional 45 being held for giveaways and other needs with the remaining 300 being available of OpenSea. 16 have been minted with more being minted each week until we reach our cap. All transactions are handled through MetaMask. 

NFTs are Artificially Generated using AI Technology

Artist – TJ Owens