Terms of Service/Privacy Policy

Besides requesting in the app, you can request for your data to be deleted by emailing us at – AccountDeletion@stonertok.com with your email, account name, and phone number where you can be reached in case there are any issues that need to be resolved. A member of our Q/A Team will follow up with you within 48 Hours to delete your information from our Servers.

Terms of Service

Effective Date: 8-10-2023

1. Acceptance of Terms

Welcome to StonerTok, the premier platform for cannabis enthusiasts and counter culture creators, operated by StonerTok Media Group in the vibrant State of New Mexico. By engaging with the StonerTok app (“App”), you acknowledge your agreement to abide by these terms of service (“Terms”). Your usage of the App implies your consent to these Terms. If you do not concur with these provisions, we kindly ask you not to utilize the App.

2. Eligibility

StonerTok is designed for individuals who have attained the age of 18 years or older (or 21 years or older as dictated by local regulations). By embracing the App, you confirm and guarantee that you meet these stipulated age criteria.

3. Cannabis Content

StonerTok stands as a sanctuary for the celebration of legal and authentic cannabis-related content. We embrace the exploration, appreciation, and sharing of cannabis culture. However, it is imperative to note that the App unequivocally prohibits the endorsement, propagation, or involvement in any form of illicit activities, including illegal sales, unauthorized distribution, and any acts that contravene the law.

4. Originality and Content Ownership

Every piece of content that graces the digital tapestry of StonerTok must be a product of your creative spirit, or you must possess the requisite licenses for its use. You retain the responsibility for the content you share, and any legal or consequential matters stemming from the shared content shall rest with you.

5. Community Guidelines

Within the captivating tapestry of StonerTok, we ask that you conduct yourself in accordance with the following community guidelines:

  • Inhabit a realm of respect and sophistication on the main feed.
  • The pillars of Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect (PLUR) are our guiding stars. Let your interactions reflect these virtues.
  • Our domain is free from drama, hate speech, sex trafficking, human trafficking, drug trafficking, and any dealings in the shadows. Let us cultivate an environment that is free from such negativity.
  • Understand that our symbiotic relationship with legal and licensed brands is vital for the ecosystem to thrive. Our aspirations to implement programs and initiatives that transform lives depend on this harmonious partnership.

6. PLUR – Peace, Love, Unity, Respect

As denizens of StonerTok, we are bound by the ethos of Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. These values shall echo through your interactions, ensuring a harmonious and enriching experience for all.

7. Changes and Updates

In recognition of the ever-evolving landscape of our community, StonerTok reserves the right to refine and amend these Terms at any juncture. The onus is on you to remain informed about any changes. Continuing to engage with the App signifies your acceptance of these updated Terms.

8. Responsibility and Liability

The realm of StonerTok is one where you hold the reins of responsibility for the content you contribute. StonerTok bears no accountability for the content posted by users. In instances where content breaches these Terms or community guidelines, StonerTok reserves the prerogative to remove such content.

9. Future Programs and Features

StonerTok’s journey is replete with possibilities. We envision future programs and features that may encompass subscriptions and sound licensing services. Stay attuned to discover and seize these forthcoming opportunities.

10. Contact

For matters related to Sound Publishing or any inquiries, feel free to connect with us through the dedicated channels within the app.

11. Governing Law

These Terms find their anchorage in the laws of the State of New Mexico, providing the legal framework for the StonerTok community.

Embrace your role in the StonerTok community—a realm shaped by the shared passions of cannabis and counter culture. United by creativity and respect, we forge a distinctive digital haven.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for StonerTok

Effective Date: September 18th 2023

Terms of Service for StonerTok

1. Welcome to StonerTok: Where Vibes and Privacy Thrive

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to StonerTok! It’s not just an app; it’s a vibrant community where cannabis enthusiasts and creative souls come together. StonerTok Media Group is the driving force behind this cosmic experience, right here in New Mexico. So, let’s dive into our Privacy Policy, your compass to understand how we handle your personal information while you dance to the StonerTok rhythm.

2. Your Data: The Lifeblood of StonerTok

Here’s the scoop on what we collect and how we handle it:

Your Contributions

  • When you sign up, we’ll ask for basics like your name, age, and a unique username. Got a cool profile pic? Share it with pride!
  • Your creative spirit shines through user-generated content: photos, videos, text—it’s the essence of StonerTok. Think comments, live streams, audio clips, and virtual item videos.
  • Chatting with pals? Your messages matter, and they’re part of the picture.
  • Found something interesting in your clipboard? We might take a look, but only with your permission.
  • Ready to shop? Share your payment info, shipping address—standard stuff for online purchases.
  • Want to connect with friends? Let us access your phone and social contacts. (CONTACT LIST)

Sharing and Gathering

  • We’re all about personalizing your StonerTok journey, so we curate content and ads to match your vibe.
  • Love adding effects to your content? Sometimes we’ll peek before you add your magic.
  • Up for challenges and contests? We’ll need a few details to get you in on the fun.
  • When you reach out for help, we’re here to listen. Your support matters.

Behind the Scenes

  • Third-party services can join the party using your sign-up or login info. We might grab your nickname, email, or contact list.
  • Advertisers and partners tell us about your adventures beyond StonerTok—your online and offline interests and activities.
  • Our corporate pals may share info about your actions on their platforms.

Automatic Collection

  • StonerTok collects certain data automatically: IP addresses, device info, and your online journey (like what you view and click). Cookies help us keep things running smoothly.
  • Device details? We’ve got those too: your device type, operating system, and app usage.
  • Adding location to your content? We’re game, but we won’t track your precise GPS location.

Getting to Know Your Content

  • We’re fans of your creativity, so we analyze your content: objects, faces, and audio to enhance your experience.
  • Metadata adds depth to your content, like when, where, and by whom it was created, plus your account name. Hashtags? We’re interested!
  • Cookies and similar tech keep everything running and help us understand your journey.

3. Making StonerTok Dreams Come True

What’s the game plan for all this data? Let’s break it down:

Living the StonerTok Dream

  • We’re here to make your StonerTok experience exceptional, from solving issues to analyzing data.
  • Our recommendations and promotions? That’s us adding some extra fun.
  • Social connections? We’re all about it—connecting you, sharing your content, and promoting StonerTok’s magic. (CONTACT LIST)
  • Ready for the spotlight? Your User Content might star in our ads and marketing efforts.
  • Understanding how you use StonerTok? That’s our way of improving.
  • Safety is our priority. We review content to keep things chill.
  • Verifying your identity? We do it when needed, like age checks or account verification.
  • Keeping you informed about updates? We’ve got your back.

Connecting with Fellow Users

  • Ever met someone cool on StonerTok? We’ll help you connect with them.

4. Sharing the StonerTok Love

We’re all about sharing the love, and that includes sharing your info when it’s necessary:

For Legal Reasons

  • When legal matters come up, we’ve got your back. We’ll share data when required by law or to protect safety.
  • With your consent, we team up with third-party services to keep the fun going.

5. Your Choices on StonerTok

Your journey, your rules. You’re in charge:

  • Adjust Cookies through your device settings.
  • Manage your account, whether it’s giving it a makeover or saying goodbye.

Your vibe, your journey, your StonerTok adventure. We respect your choices and your privacy rights.

6. Rocking the StonerTok Universe

Questions, concerns, or just want to chat? Reach out to us at hello@stonertok.com.

Thanks for choosing StonerTok—the place for cannabis enthusiasts and creative minds. Your privacy and content are our top priorities.

Takedown requests? Send them our way at DMCA@StonerTok.com.

September 18th 2023