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We have lots of projects both in and out of Cannabis that we are associated with and we have done that to bring value to a month-to-month program that can help spread your reach as well as gain access to a full-time marketing professional at a fraction of the cost of a payroll employee. With multiple websites and pages, you are able to reach more per campaign based on the size and need of your campaign for less. When you choose a marketing partner, choose one of the strongest powerhouses in the market, StonerTok Media Group. 

Package Includes:

Digital Ad on StonerTok

Digital Ad on NMCTA

Digital Ad on SWAG Magazine + Monthly E-Issue

A related post a week across all our social platforms

Other opportunities as they arise or our imagined in the partnership

*NEW* – Cannabis Brands and those who support them now receive immediate enrolment into the NMCTA’s New New Mexico Cannabis Certified Program. This Free Program is a way to distinguish yourself as someone who takes pride in themselves, their products, and the community, and an end goal of making New Mexico Cannabis the best Cannabis Market possible. 

Introduction Email to our Email Club Subscribers – (29-32% Click-Through | 1000 Subscribers)

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