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BBC Report: The firms hoping to take psychedelic drugs mainstream

This July in Bend, Oregon, Josh Goldstein facilitated one of the first magic mushroom sessions under the state’s new regulatory framework for people to access their active ingredient – psilocybin. Mr Goldstein’s 71-year-old client was seeking help with his obsessive-compulsive disorder. The man experienced his psychedelic trip at a licensed psilocybin service centre after eating […]

Sweden’s Norrsken Foundation launches $4.4M psychedelics mental health initiative

A Swedish non-profit is investing €3.3 million in psychedelics research so the country can become a more established influence in the field. The Norrsken Foundation announced the creation of the Norrsken Mind: Psychedelic Science Initiative on Wednesday, which will be focused on investigating the potential of psychoactive substances for the treatment of mental health conditions. […]

Beckley Waves Raises $3.3 Million Funding

nvestor Interest in Care Delivery and Expanded Access Marks End of “Psychedelic Winter” LONDON, Sept. 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Beckley Waves, the first venture studio explicitly formed to build and invest in the thriving psychedelic ecosystem to advance mental health and well-being, announced today that the company had closed a $3.3 million (10% more than their […]

Webinar – Oct 3 [Webinar] Navigating the Mainstreaming of Psychedelic Drugs in the United States

In recent years, an unprecedented level of interest in the promise of psychedelics has taken hold. In the United States, many types of psychedelics are being investigated for use in treating an array of mental health conditions, including depression, addiction and eating disorders. The U.S. nonprofit Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) has announced promising […]