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Disrupting everything, one Influencer at a time...


Built by Content Creators, StonerTok Media Group specializes in Influencer Media and Marketing. We are Inclusive of Cannabis and other Counter Culture Industries


A Media Agency built by Influencers with Influencers in mind. No more creator funds. We use our SAAS Platforms to generate ad revenue that we pay a salary to our creators just for being part of our MasterClass Program coming soon! 


SAAS or Systems as a Service is a style of sales. You are most fimiliar with this like Netflix, Paramount, or your favorite RPG like World of Warcraft. We have taken that philoshy, created our own series of apps and services and charge a subscription to brands to gain access to our budding community. 


Lots more is planned in the future. We are already hosting and organzing events, our MasterClass Program, a Podcast, more original content and building relationships as we spread the our wings in 2023!

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One of our missions is to create jobs for those wishing to enter the Counter Culture Industries. We offer a free place for Counter Culture Brands and Companies to list openings and find work across the globe. 


Having been funded and founded on TikTok, we are working towards a Short Form Video app coming soon. For now, we have our form of the oldie MySpace, up and running. Share a wide assortment of content types, create groups, and go wild without fear of account take downs or bands. 


Currently in Alpha, StonerTok Streaming will be a new way to stream and reach your communities. We are working diligently to have this platform ready for users by Spring of 2023.


We give you the ability for free or a small monthly fee to open and host a shop in the Counter Culture Space. Less fees, less headache, less hassle. No Drug Sales. 


Event Ticketing in the Counter Culture Space is non existent. We are now offering in house event ticketing with Physcial Ticketing planned to be availible by Winter 2023. 

Other Projects

Cannabis Tourism

Helping Promote Cannabis Tourism and Travel.

Digital Magazine

After a succesfull launch of our email list, we turned it into a digital magazine offering high click through and over a 1000 subscribers and counting.

Badge Network

Hosting a space for those in the Industry to share news, facts, and other information important to employment in the industry.