Our Need to Please

Brings many ideas and people together to create new opportunities in the industry


Creators First

Being creators, it’s only logical that we support other creators. That’s how growth works. That’s where the idea for STNRTOK came from back in 2020. A safe space, free of takedowns, that supported its creators.

Flash forward to 2024 and we are nearing the light of what we hoped to accomplish back then. We are excited for you to check out where we go from here!

The Plan

From offering paid masterclasses for creators to fostering strong brand relationships, our ecosystem spans a wide spectrum. We’re not just about conventional organization; we’re trailblazing paths like Veteran Access to Alt Remedies and a National NARCN/OD Response Program. With unwavering confidence and determination, we’re aiming for the stars, believing that every idea, and every aspiration from our community leaders, will come to fruition. With collective effort and dedication, the Counter Culture Community is poised to enact real change across a myriad of issues and causes.


— Our Mission

Create a Safe Space for all creators both Counter Culture and not, free of takedowns and the drama that surrounds cannabis on traditional social platforms.


— Our Vision

Create a self-sustaining ecosystem for content creators and users that could grow to support the community that it encompasses.


— Our Story

Our story is truly just getting started. From 2020 to 2021 we built out our Kickstarter campaign, in late 2021 we ran the campaign and became the first in Social Cannabis to be backed on the platform. After that, it took some time to get to a point where I could test the app we purchased after paying out for products for backers. A few hiccups later and by the end of 2023 we reached around 400 users on the initial trial run, but the devs were super difficult to work with so we stepped back to look at where we were. After a month of tossing around the idea, relocating to Phoenix for better work opportunities, the Guru and the Vet, pulled the plug, and moved forward on transitioning to being a Non Profit…and that brings you to now.


Help Create Change in the Counter Culture Influencer Industry

Certain types of Donations/Contributions to our organization now fall under Tax Exempt Status.
Please speak with your Tax Preparer or CPA for more information on what can and can not be written off when donating to a 501c3 organization.