One Creator At A Time

Helping Communities by Helping Creators



— Creating tommorows stories, today

In our journey within the Cannabis Space, we recognized the many stories being told across platforms. What we also heard was the need for somewhere that those stories could be told, free of hate, overbearing platform TOS and other grey area activities associated with cannabis. Creators wanted to be able to create these stories, but cant due to many factors. What we do, is eliminate those barriers and allow creators to create.


— We Build Networks

Harnessing our team’s extensive experience in community building since the inception of the internet, we’ve cultivated thriving networks. Our journey saw STNRTOK Media amass a following of over 12k fellow community leaders across traditional social media platforms before the launch of its own proof-of-concept app in late 2023.


— We Strengthen

At the heart of our mission is forging strong bonds between brands and creators, enriching the Counter Culture Influencer Industry. By facilitating connections, we aim to unlock new opportunities and foster the industry’s evolution. Together, we’re breaking barriers and shaping the future of influencer culture.


— We Educate​

Using AI and the knowledge of experienced creators already successful in the industry we are using contributions to cover the cost of an online stipend-paid masterclass program for creators. Starting at the LLC up to working with brands and more. This is a cutting edge never heard of approach in Social Media, putting us ahead of other social platforms in relation to the social equity we are investing in our community.


— We Provide Care​

Providing low-cost or no access to medical cards, life-saving treatments, and technology are just some of the ways we are striving to set ourselves apart from other communities and organizations. Organizing a Bake Sale. Helping the kids in our communities sell their cookies/popcorn. Adopting a Street. We care for our community in all their needs, big or small.


— We Consult​

Whether virtually or in person, we take the time to understand your brand’s objectives and aspirations. Together, we will explore the vast array of possibilities, from social media blitzes to dynamic event pop-ups and beyond. There’s no limit to what we can achieve together – quite literally, as we’re even prepared to launch your brand into space if that’s what it takes to reach new heights.


The Community

Without you, our Community Leaders, and Community Members, looking for something more than just another platform, what we thrive to become would never ever been envisioned.

The Plant

Cannabis has brought all of us together. Regardless the walk you walk, you will always be welcome here at STNRTOK. Without you, we are just another platform, with you, we are a powerhouse of possibilities.

Giving Back

Were people pleasers, what can we say. We love helping others without expecting anything in return. It just feels good to give back to those in our communities, doesn’t it?


Help Create Change in the Counter Culture Influencer Industry

Certain types of Donations/Contributions to our organization now fall under Tax Exempt Status.
Please speak with your Tax Preparer or CPA for more information on what can and can not be written off when donating to a 501c3 organization.